Crafting World-Class Exhibits

McKernin Exhibits specializes in designing and delivering immersive displays that captivate audiences and tell compelling stories.

Welcome to McKernin Exhibits

Whether you are an experienced exhibitor or if this is your first show; we have first hand trade show experience to assist you in developing a program that is right for you and your company! McKernin Exhibits is the exhibit builder that provides exhibitors more for their money. Superior craftsmanship through the use of high quality materials, unmatched attention to detail and outstanding customer service comes from having an owner involved in every aspect of your project.

Event Management/Coordination

Through partnerships, we provide design, construction, labor, transportation, and field service coordination to support merchandise functions for championship events. Event management and coordination involve planning, organizing, and executing events of various types and scales. It requires attention to detail, effective communication, and strong organizational skills.

  • Coordinate with vendors and suppliers, managing relationships, communicating expectations, and ensuring that both parties are working towards common goals.
  • Logistics coordination.  Careful planning and execution ensure that goods or services are available at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, and in the right condition. It plays a crucial role in supply chain management as it helps optimize operations, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. 
  • On-site management and organization of activities and resources at a specific event venue. This involves ensuring that all personnel, equipment, and materials are properly coordinated and utilized to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Work with teams to delegate tasks and ensure smooth execution. Assign specific responsibilities and duties to individuals or teams to increase productivity, foster employee development, and focus on higher-level strategic activities.

Exhibiting Excellence

Crafting Displays that Define Brands

At McKernin Exhibits, every project begins with a deep dive into the unique narrative of a brand. We believe that behind every product or service lies a story waiting to be told. Through our meticulous design process, we aim to bring that story to life in the most captivating way possible. From concept to completion, our journey with clients is collaborative and transparent. As the world of exhibits evolves, we stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest design trends and technologies.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships, ensuring that with McKernin Exhibits, you’re not just getting an exhibit builder; you’re gaining a partner for life. As we look to the future, our mission remains clear: to craft displays that not only showcase products but also tell compelling brand stories. With McKernin Exhibits by your side, your brand’s story is bound to shine.