McKernin Exhibits:
A Legacy of Excellence

Crafting Custom Exhibits Since 1989

Family Owned & Operated

Personalized Service

Superior Craftmanship

Internal I&D Staff

Three Brothers, One Vision

A Tradition Rooted in the Exhibit Business

Founded in 1989, McKernin Exhibits stands as a testament to dedication and passion for custom exhibit design and construction. Our journey began much earlier, with our family’s initiation into the industry back in 1950.

Driven by family values, we uphold the basics of business: good ethics and unwavering responsibility towards our clients. Our commitment is not just to create exhibits, but to build lasting relationships.

Service Beyond Exhibits

At the heart of McKernin Exhibits is a belief in traditional relationships. We understand the importance of trust and collaboration in every project.

Superior customer service is our promise. No other company matches the dedication and personalized touch that we bring to the table.

Creating quality exhibits is second nature to us, ensuring each design stands out.

Creating quality exhibits requires a detailed plan, excellent design, and engaging content. By keeping the audience in mind at all times and incorporating interactive elements, you can create an exciting and informative exhibit that educates, inspires, and connects visitors to your content.

Ethical Business

Implementing ethical practices requires more than just policies and statements. It requires a culture of ethical behavior that is instilled throughout the organization and upheld by leadership. Ethical leadership sets the tone for the rest of the organization to follow, emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior, and provides guidance.

Client-Centric Approach

A client-centric approach is a strategy of building strong relationships with clients, gaining an in-depth understanding of their needs, wants, and expectations, and tailoring solutions to meet those needs Rather than imposing or pushing products onto clients, we shift our focus to creating solutions customized to suit clients’ needs.

World Class Partners

Collaborating for Excellence

World Class Partners

Collaborating for Excellence